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Peste Noire - Aryan Supremacy (2001)

What better way to announce yourself to the world as a black metal band than to issue your first release under the title "Aryan Supremacy"? Now that's sure to get all the style "rebels" with their faux Nazi fashions gibbering and flailing about in apoplectic fits! With this short demo, Peste Noire served notice that he (the project is masterminded by one Famine) would never abide by conventional standards of polite discourse and political correctness. On this first demo, PN attacks what he sees as the sell-out of France by its government and the country's political, cultural and other institutions and calls for a revival of pride in native French culture, history and achievements.

The entire recording is extremely raw with a deliberately crude production that enhances PN's aggressive, indeed savage delivery. Nearly every moment of this demo is filled with intense fury or promises another onslaught of righteous anger. The guitar tones bleed raw through the headphones and the drums, though way down low in the mix, can be thunderous on the occasions the rest of the music pauses to let their sound through. The screaming vocals are harsh and ragged.

For all its rage, the music can be surprisingly controlled and melodic especially in its later stages. The guitars settle into a constant grinding presence that sometimes has a graceful swanky flow. Bass guitar sometimes has a very doomy sound but that may be an effect of the raw production. At times the recording approaches the noisy, droning end of black metal and almost threatens to cross over into experimental territory, especially in the short instrumental parts where they appear. Though all four songs here are short and you would think there'd be a struggle for them to contain all the rage they have to carry, the tracks all possess recognisable melody, never repeating the same tunes or riffs over and over, and channel the forces animating them towards the right targets.

The title track in particular is a super-raw howling beast targeting institutional Christianity for its repression of the French people for centuries. PN saves all his bile for this piece and the song is a monstrous fiend charging against the enemies of the French nation.

Perhaps the songs could have been a little longer for greater impact on listeners' senses and for people to savour the melodies more fully but otherwise this short demo is an excellent initiation into Peste Noire's considerable output of releases.
Канал: Black metal
Метки: Black
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